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August 23, 2017
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August 23, 2017
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Homocytometer Slide (Germany)


Is one of the oldest counting devices used by scientists to count the cells accurately, the device is a blood cell count of a glass slide is very similar to the normal microscope, but it is thicker than them.

This device is widely used today in counting cells suspended in solutions, especially cellular plant cells


This square contains two squares equal to 9 mm 2 and a depth of 0.1 mm and each square is divided into a large number of straight lines carved to be a huge number of squares very small and equal. The square consists of nine squares equal length of one side Mm. This small box is also divided into smaller squares of 25 square meters. Each of the nine squares consists of 25 squares, with a 0.2 mm square length. The smaller squares are also divided into squares so small that the smallest square contains 16 very small squares with a length of 0.05 mm. The ribs of some smaller squares (0.2 mm) are marked by three lines, meaning that each 16 square is very small, So that the base box (9 mm left) appears with a plus sign (+).

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